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Debbie &Roger Cuthbert

Kings Stationers


I am so looking forward to The Notebook, I am so excited and I think it's one of the best things that happen in our local area for a long time!

James Wheatley 

The Queens Head Sedlescombe

I am so excited about the Notebook! What a great idea to give something back to your customers, while at the same time advertising your business to new ones.


The Notebook is:

+ a STRONG COMMUNITY of bold entrepreneurs

+ the chance to send out a MEANINGFUL MESSAGE and inspire thousands of people


+ moving from a business owner to an INSPIRING LEADER


+ the PERFECT GIFT for your customers this Christmas

+ a brilliant way to say: THANK YOU!  to clients, partners and friends for helping you reach your goal

+ connecting with people on a different level, adding a HUMAN FACE to your business

+ the most powerful MARKETING TOOL to help you reach the hidden market you always wanted

+ a visionary BUSINESS PROJECT you bring to life



Creative, Marketer, Photographer


My name is Oana Liliac. I work with LOCAL entrepreneurs by helping them share their SUCCESS story with potential customers,

so that they can inspire others, built TRUST in their extended expertise and reach new markets!

We are creating a WAITING LIST for 2020 #IMIN THE NOTEBOOK.

If you are a local entrepreneur  interested in being featured in our next issue, send us an email with your Business name and Contact details with the subject " #ImIn 2020"!*

An open list will be soon published on our website and it will include only the business name of the interested entrepreneurs.

*By doing so you will not be subscribed to a newsletter, but give us permission to contact you in January 2019 and remind you about the opening of our subscription period

1st February-1st March 2019.

What business owners say about The Notebook



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